Tuesday, March 6, 2018

La Puente is Home to LA's Newest Underground BBQ

La Puente is not know for much. A vaguely Hispanic suburb of Los Angeles for most. So coming out to a random street in La Puente at 9pm may feel odd. Standing around you may notice that Sunset is pretty much deserted at this time save for a few taco trucks looking for customers.

You see it first and then the smell hits you. Eric has arrived. Coming in his truck with a hitch carrying his custom BBQ platform, Eric is part of LA's changing street food demo. It's not all about tacos anymore. 

Get up.close to the action and it's a sensory overload. Oak Wood Smoke has big lit up BBQ letters cutting through the darkness. It's not quiet near the stand with orders and hustling going around. At the center is Eric the owner who quit his car salesman job to do BBQ full time. The man never stops moving, pulling briskets, chopping ribs, or scooping sides from his huge smoker. 

This is clearly a work of passion and Eric has devoted fans despite being pretty new to the game. Customers will.ask if it's your first time and make recommendations. The BBQ itself doesn't fallow a particular style. The brisket is fatty and the ribs are served dry. Who knows you may see Oak Wood Smoke in a fancy food hall soon. 

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