Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dish of the Week: Jimmy's Famous Tavern's Mac and Cheese.

With a name like Jimmy's you don't expect a restaurant to take food seriously. Maybe a sports bar.

 Jimmy's Famous Tavern blows any misconceptions about its name away pretty quickly.  The meat for the burgers is ground in house and the seafood is sourced sustainably,

But I digress.

Jimmy's mac and cheese may be the best mac and cheese you have in 2017.

They don't back away from strong flavors. Jimmy's mac and cheese is a sharp cheddar blend mac and cheese with a truffle infusion.

If you know cheese a strong cheddar mac and cheese might be grainy cooked by the wrong people (there's a lot of chemistry) but Jimmy's gives a smooth rich mouthfeel you wont find in a lot of restaurant mac and cheese dishes.

Honestly I could go and just eat this. (But I wouldn't. )

Don't take my word for it! Check it out!

            Locations in San Diego, Dana Point, Woodland Hills, Brea, and Santa Monica

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