Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Curtis Stone Elevates Cruise Cuisine with Princess Cruises

By Christina Felix 

When a major celebrity chef makes a new menu for anything you listen.  If that menu happens to be on a giant boat? So be it.

Share is the newest collaboration between Princess Cruises and Chef Curtis Stone. Its elevated small plates. The food is "rustic" and yes it's pretty safe (it may be awhile before you see roasted crickets on a cruise ship menu). 

Part of the reason for the plates being small is you are supposed to get 6 of them. Overall Princess and Curtis Stone did a good job making a cruise ship feel like a modern upscale restaurant (with the exception of the scallops I wouldn't bother.)

You can see in the photos below that besides a few smalls details (like the vibrations of the boat) it looks just like a place you might find in DTLA.

Oh and I would suggest the lobster. 


charcuterie platter



Lobster tail 

Shrimp salad 

Mushrooms with ricotta (vegetarian option)