Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cooking With Fire...Blowtorches. The Gastro Garage Hits Hollywood

By Gary Au

(Please excuse any pictures issues. There was stage lighting/fire)

Imagine if you let a group of 5th grade boys create a restaurant. OK so maybe their restaurant would be a giant ice cream parlor or a sad McDonald's....

My point is that those boys would probably be insanely jealous of the jobs of the guys behind The Gastro Garage.

They quit various jobs to pursue cooking with gas....blowtorches (its propane.) Thats right. The entire menu at Gastro Garage is cooked by blowtorch and they will not let you forget it.

The menu centers around brioche (very rich buttery bread) savory donuts. They are filled and topped with various things and torched to be heated/cooked/caramelized.

With a giant blowtorch a few feet from your face cooking your food it brings new meaning to dinner and a show.

Does it work? Yes. The dishes do work. There are a few rough points here and there (only thing I really would point out is I think the truffle mushroom mixture on the truffle tank needs to be heated) but hey they are basically creating a entire style of cooking.

Besides the tanks they are also cooking kebabs aka "drill bits" by now you may realize you are going to be taking a lot of pictures and showing people at the office what you did for dinner that night.

You are going to try several dishes while you are here but if I had to pick one? Try Grandma's apple pie. It works with the buttery dough exterior very well.

Get here while you can because they are only here from Jan 19 - Feb 2 (call for hours/reservations)

                                    7065 & 1/2 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028

apple pie




salmon kebab

maple carrots kebab 


steak kebab 


making a drill bit (kebab)

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