Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What's the Food at SkyPark at Santa's Village Like?

So you made the drive. You are ready to relive your childhood memories of  SkyPark at Santa's Village. Wait for a second though. If you are reading this with plans on going to Santa's Village stop at one of the scenic overpasses near the top of the mountains and enjoy it for a few moments.

OK. Now we can move along. So you made it to Santa's Village! A lot is like you should remember as a kid. The buildings are the originals from the old days with a little TLC. Some of the rides are gone and the park is still transitioning and growing. Its important to remember this is not Disneyland.

The staff at Santa's Village however could give Disneyland a run for its money. They are excited and ready to share their newly reopened park with you despite what I would think be a grueling Christmas season,

OK OK food. So SV has three restaurant options, a coffee house, a candy shop, and a bakery.

St. Nick’s Patio & Grille is the causal concept for SV. The staff is working hard to deliver food that you can tell actually touched human hands (I'm looking at you Universal) the cook here is proud of the burgers he's  pumping out and actually has a beef blend he's picked for the burgers.

It's also the most popular dining option here.  Plan for a wait and grab a table inside because with the winds SV has been having the heaters outside wont turn on. The cheesesteak here is not bad for theme park food.

 K’s Kandyshoppe - Super friendly staff at a candy shop that sells fudge, nut clusters, and other old timey candy. As of now nothing is made in house. There is nothing special to see inside.

Creamery Gingerbread House - Here's your photo op. Its a gingerbread house out of a fairy tale. Inside its very small and yes the wait may be a while. Inside you can get a classic gingerbread man and take a pic with the bigger ones outside.

Kringle’s Coffee & Gifts is a small cozy coffeehouse. Expect to find stuffed dog toys (the SV mascot) and coffee cups with old Chris Kringle on them. This is the spot to get a hot chocolate away from the crowds at St Nick's. Food options are very limited.

Gatherings - The "fine dining" option at SV. You get a three course meal with the first course being something like a muffin. If you want to sit indoors and eat this is your best chance at the park. The food itself seems like they are still working out major kinks (in their defense everyone at SV is slammed.)

Pedal Pub - This is going to be the place to get a drink at SV soon. They are waiting on the liquor licence. Food will be from St Nick's and possibly will have its own menu items at some point in the future.

Want to come and not have crowds? I was told that SV is going to be year around so maybe go in Jan... the ticket price of 60 may go down in the offseason.

                                                 28950 CA-18, Skyforest, CA 92385

Pedal Pub 

Pedal Pub 

Creamery Gingerbread House 

Creamery Gingerbread House 

inside the bakery

 K’s Kandyshoppe
 K’s Kandyshoppe

 K’s Kandyshoppe

 K’s Kandyshoppe

hot chocolate at Kringle’s Coffee & Gifts 

Brunch toast at Gatherings. 

St Nicks at Santa's Village 

Fried chicken sandwich at St Nicks 

cheesesteak at St Nicks 


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