Monday, November 14, 2016

What it Takes to Cook for the 33rd Breeders’ Cup

Imagine trying to feed tens of thousands of people gourmet, LA centric food in two days. In a strange kitchen. In a a building that is is from the not so roaring 30's 

That just happened to the Chef dream team at the 2016 Breeders' Cup 

Working with restaurant group Sprout LA Los Angeles’ which has a stake in some of LA's finest eating establishments they made the  33rd Breeders’ Cup World Championships  special for people's stomachs. 

With Chefs like Rory Herrmann of Barrels and Ashes, Steve Samson of Sotto, Jason Neroni of Rose CafĂ©, Tim Hollingsworth of Otium, and Neal Fraser of Redbird you expect the best. 

In less than 72 hours these chefs banged out amazing dishes for thousands. From everything to ribs in the outfield to bites for celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski. 

The next Breeder's Cup can't come fast enough. 

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