Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Catal Restaurant Delivers Big With Their New Chef.

Catal Restaurant has a new Chef in Timothy McDowell, a veteran of the restaurant industry who previously was the Exe Chef for USC fine dining. 

To work on Catal's new Spanish influenced menu McDowell went to NYC where he tried several of the country's best Spanish dining destination to get inspired for Catal. 

The results are what you would expect from a top chef of Patina Group (the fine dining group behind Catal) well formed dishes with rich, deep, flavors. 

The masa dumplings with the new oxtail ragu works with the thickness of the dumpling masa with the luscious fatness of the ragu. 

Another dish is the  diver scallops. Combining  butternut squash puree, mushrooms (maitake shiitake crimini) and  kale McDowell delivers a umami packed bite.  Seared scallops have been done a milion times over but its a timeless dish. 

For dessert one of the new options is a refined dark chocolate chip pudding that would fit in with any fine dining spots. 

Overall its the best spot to eat at in Downtown Disney. 

Downtown Disney District, 1580 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802
oxtail ragu (braised oxtail, masa gnocchi, cilantro pickled slaw

short rib canelon (braised short rib, crispy shallot, guajillo butter sauce

Porchetta  pork loin and belly, honey sage jus, crispy sweet potato, grilled peaches

Ahi Tuna Crostinis

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding 

 diver scallops (butternut squash puree, maitake shiitake crimini mushrooms, crispy kale, olive vinaigrette

Three milk Tres Leche Cake 

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