Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tail O' the Pup Starts it's LA Return as a Food Truck

Tail O' the Pup is a piece of a forgotten Los Angeles. For a time, LA used to use giant novelty buildings to promote/catch the eye of LA passerby (Google the binocular and the tamale buildings.)

Yes TOTP is a giant hot dog. A giant chicken wire and concrete hot dog that has many devoted fans.

The owners behind Killer Shrimp decided to buy the recipes and the hot dog and bring the entire LA institution back.

While the home for the giant hot dog is finished (early 2017) TOTP has been reborn as a food truck.

What can you get? Well they have a lot of the classics you would find at the stand but the menu has been seriously updated. You can get your dog veggie or turkey.

While it will be exciting to eat hot dogs from a giant hot dog the ones from the food truck will hold us over til the stand opens.

flat top burger

veggie dog 
onion rings

chili fries

classic hot dog 
chili dog 

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