Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Koreatown's Next Hotspot? Horse's Mouth

Charlie Yusta is Chef's Chef. Before Horse's Mouth he started a national catering company that still does star studded events nightly. As the new owner of Koreatown's Horse's Mouth he is bringing the same level of dedication and passion to the former Iota Coffee space on Western.

So what is Horse's Mouth? Well if you ask Charlie he is excited about the raw bar/oysters. He is trying to bring in rare oysters people don't get to try very often. Do not expect one dollar oysters when he brings you a New Zealand oyster topped with pickled red onions. 

Strange enough Horse's Mouth is the kind of restaurant I expect some people to hate. The menu is very small. One dish the yellow curry with mussels will definitely clear out your nose (don't let Grandma order it) and its the only mussel dish I have ever actually liked. Yet  online reviews have been praising Horse's Head. 

Charlie tells me that he makes everything here from scratch down to the hot sauce paste they serve with the duck leg with Chinese pancakes (which is great but so is most everything.)

So yes. Try everything. Bring friends and share (if you can bring yourself to) . Get Charlie to tell you how they use freshly killed lobsters to make their lobster rolls instead of the mechanically process lobster meat most places use. 

Go before the crowds find it. 

                                            528 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020


Yellow curry mussels 

Fried duck leg 


lobster roll 

raw bar

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