Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Brentwood Gets a Artisan Greek Yogurt Shop

Move over Yogurtland. Moo Greek Yogurt has opened in Brentwood.

Owner  Zorbay Ozdilek has had yogurt in his blood with his family being from Greece. Zorbay (who I told really should be selling sorbet) is from Turkey (and that's why he sells a hardcore Turkish coffee in his shop.)

Moo offers a few different options to get your Greek yogurt fix. You have you traditional savory and sweet options with 0 and 4 percent fat content. You can get a vegan option....but we aren't going to mention it.

Moo makes a in house Greek yogurt ice cream that's definitely worth trying. It has a fat content a bit higher than 4 because Zorbay mixes cream into the mix. It's tangy and smooth and with fresh berries a real contender against LA's ice cream scene.

Zorbay plans to add milkshakes, fro yo, and smoothies soon. If you see milkshakes added drop us a line!

Again seriously try the ice cream option.

                                    11753 San Vicente Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA 90049

Greek yogurt ice cream

the owner

                                                                    Savory yogurt options

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