Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Pines is San Bernardino's Newest Fine Dining Destination.

I am going to break a personal rule of mine blogging wise. Saying something is the best. I can pretty much tell you (and I actually lived in SB) San Manuel's newly renovated steakhouse The Pines is the nicest restaurant you are going to find in San Bernardino. 

The Pines is a classic steakhouse with some refined touches.  For the area it's edgy modern. What should you order? Well a steak.....if that's not obvious (get a ribeye or a porterhouse). But what should you get with it?  The tempura fried mushroom and zucchini fries are a must. They are fried perfectly in a light flavorful batter.  The marinated sliced pork belly is not bad itself and its Asian inspired marinade is a step in the right direction for San Bernardino culinary wise. 

Dessert  the candied almond fruit cup is a sight to behold. Its what you would put on Instagram or Facebook after your steak picture. 
Make sure to tell us on social media if you go to the Pines and what you thought! 

777 San Manuel Blvd, Highland, CA 92346

pork belly

Lobster mac and cheese 

Candied almond fruit cup 

fried mushrooms and zucchini 

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