Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pasadena Gets an Amazing New Fried Chicken Spot Today

If you ask Chef Sunny Vohra about fried chicken be prepared to stick around a while. The man has strong opinions about this American classic, and he has been all over LA trying chicken from just about everywhere. 

The reason? Sunny is the Exe Chef of KIng's Row Gastropub in Pasadena and today their new menu drops. It's a love letter to America's obsession with fried poultry. 

The new menu at King's Row is small. Its only one side of a sheet of paper and a good portion of that is explaining the sauce options for the fried chicken. There's a few sides and two salads.

You can get your chicken in tender, sandwich, or wing form. 

I would say go with the tenders/sandwich. It's where you can try Sunny's research on breading/seasoning. The tenders in Sunny's words "are freaking huge."

The fried chicken here really shines. Its brined perfectly and is moist despite being white meat for most pieces. The hot chicken option is the way to go for a sandwich if you want a suggestion. 

While the chicken may be the best fried chicken in Pasadena, the mac and cheese here is the best one I have had in a restaurant in a while. It's a strong blend of cheeses blended into a velvety smooth sauce. You will want to dip almost everything you eat into the leftover sauce. 

You may want to hit the gym the next day. 

20 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91103

classic wings 

mac and cheese


cheese stuffed naan 

fried chicken sandwich 

cobb salad

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