Friday, July 22, 2016

FIG's New Summer Menu is Red Hot.

FIG in Santa Monica has a new menu with its relatively new Chef  Yousef Ghalaini
.Located in downtown Santa Monica minutes from the ocean FIG is inside the beautiful  Fairmont Miramar Hotel right next to the pool.

There are a few must get items on the new Summer menu at FIG.  Chef Ghalaini is from Lebanon and  it's reflected in his cooking. There are a lot of Lebanese and Mediterranean flavors with his dishes.

The lamb pizza is a must get. It's a Instagram ready pie that’s bright red from the seasoned lamb sausage (called Merguez)that Chef tops the pizza along with mint, yogurt, and pickled red onions!. While it's not hot it’s a spice rich pie.

Usually you don't see olives staring in a dish but with FIG's warm olives they are center stage. With olive some spices, herbs, and salt these olives are roasted and served hot. Its hard to eat just one. 

Spicy fries are just fries tossed with a tasty harissa power (a North African chile blend) but the real jewel is Yousef's family recipe for Toum. Its a sauce/paste that's similar to garlic sauce but also has lemon. It's like a fantastic garlic lemon sauce with a citrus bite. I implored him to bottle and sell this and he is looking into it. I would get this sauce to use on almost everything on the menu (hint hint pizza.)

Try to get a table looking out at the pool if you can. 

101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

marinated whole fish 

warm olives

spicy fries

Shishito Peppers 

lamb shank 

lamb pizza 

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