Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sonoritas Prime Tacos Get a Brunch Menu

Sawtelle is not always about Japanese food.

Sonoritas Prime Tacos is relatively new to this famous Japanese LA neighborhood, but if you were to look at their online reviews they have already made a pretty good impression.

A few weeks ago Senoritas launched its new brunch menu

What should you expect from a brunch menu from a upscale modern Mexican restaurant on one of LA's trendiest foodie streets? Well there's a churro volcano, berry stuffed French toast, and a cheesy tamale bake for starters.

First off. Get the tamale bake. Eat that while reading the rest of this.

The combo of fluffy corn masa, port gooey cheese and shredded beef makes this instantly one of Senorita's must order items (I would add pickled red onions though.)

The churro volcano is pure Instagram food porn and is sure to get second looks on your FB. Sure it's just well made churros with ice cream but it's churros stacked into a Volcano! Listen to your inner child.

As there should be you can always just order tacos. Just try them with the pickled red onion and the house made roasted green salsa if you do.

2004 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Berry stuffed french toast 

Street corn 

Pastor taco 

Tamale bake 

churro volcano

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