Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Did Your Dreams of In N Out With Bacon Come True? Caliburger Opens in Pasadena.

If you have heard of Caliburger its probably due the fact In N Out has sued them (and most likely hates them existing.)

Yes Caliburger is opening its first location in California Thursday in Pasadena. Its a little ironic considering their name but they have a few locations scattered across the globe. Coming to downtown Pasadena, they are going on In N Out's turf. 

So you may be wondering why would In N Out sue these guys? Well.....they basically copied everything In N Out does. They even have a palm tree logo. 

What do they have that In N Out doesn't have? Bacon. Strawberries used in their strawberry milkshakes. Two chicken sandwiches. 

The location is as interesting as this company. Its a large box across from the Starbucks on Green St. It has no signage (yet) besides a small window decal. 

So what do In N Out fans feel about Caliburger? The feelings on the fries were mixed with some preferring In N Out and some liking the less crispy higher sugar content fries of Caliburger (aka darker brown.)

The shakes here did win a general consensus to be better than In N Out. They are hand scooped and if you get the strawberry there is real fruit in it (and is the best flavor option in my opinion.) 

People seemed to be a fan of the bacon offering here. You can get it on the chicken, the burgers....not the fries yet. There is a pic below of the planned Calistyle fries with bacon that should be released someday. 

When it comes to the offerings at the heart of Caliburger everyone asked said that when it came down to the burger itself In N Out wins. 

It will be interesting to see how Caliburger does in the land of In N Out. Let us know your thoughts about Caliburger on FB/IG/Twitter or here! 

Caliburger is supposed to soft open June 9th. 

245 East Green Street  Pasadena CA

triple bacon cheeseburger
Bacon chicken sandwich 



bacon "Califries" these are not released yet. 

cheese sandwich 

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