Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We Ate Every Taco at Trejo's Tacos. Plus What's Next for the Menu!

Trejo's Tacos may be famous for actor Danny Trejo's involvement but it has a hidden purpose, making Los Angeles eat a little healthier.

So....don't expect quesadillas anytime soon.

What you can find is a menu that tries to be a little different and a little more waist line friendly (and a fried chicken taco with a lettuce wrap.)

So what things should you try at TT?

Well the standouts for me were two things. The white shrimp tostada and the street corn.

The Mexican white shrimp used on the tostada shows the quailty TT's is going for. There's no need to bury these beauties under a heavy batter and deep fry them.

The street corn is a refined street corn. On the streets on LA a good street corn is usually a boiled ear with a inch thick layer of mayo. TT's uses a charred corn to add complexity and sweetness without loading up on calories from cheese and mayo.

What's next for Trejo's? Well do you like burritos? Be on the lookout.

                                          1048 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019
pineapple water 



street corn 

Slow roasted pork (carnitas)

beef brisket 

Black pepper tofu 

Grilled Jidori chicken

steak asada

White shrimp tostada

fried Jidori chicken

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