Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The First 365 By Whole Foods Opens in Silverlake Wednesday

Welcome to the future of Whole Foods. The giant cheese counter you are so used to is gone.

There's a serious lack of in house mini restaurants you may have come to know in larger Whole Foods locations.

This is Whole Foods 365. The first 365 location ever in Silverlake, Los Angeles California.

365 is a slimmed down millennial focused store. All the price tags are digital. Most of the signage is digital and is programmed to change throughout the day.  There's ipads all over you can use to personalize your shopping experience.

Gone are tall aisles (feels odd bending over to get ice cream). You can see almost the entire store from almost any point inside.

There's still hot food options. Connected to 365 is a NYC vegan concept coming in. Inside, you can order pizzas, hot dogs, and salads. There's also a coffee bar.

Whole Foods says that the pricing for 365 is lower than their traditional stores. As all the digital price tags were off I cant say anything about pricing.

I can say its worth checking out. They have the first "teabot" in the United States that makes custom loose leaf tea blends to order.

365 opens 9:00am May 25th, 2016

                                   2520 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90039

This machine is the first in the US. It brews custom loose leaf teas 

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