Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Talking About the Future of Dodger Food With the Dodger's Executive Chef Jason Tingley

It's not easy to be a classically trained chef in one of MLB's oldest stadiums, but Jason Tingley loves his job.

As Executive Chef of the Dodger's Tingley has to account for many things. Food cost, customer wants, and trying to make unique dishes for a historic stadium. 

Tingly is proud of the stuff he has been doing at Dodgers. All the burgers at Chavez Ravine are Angus a fact he's pretty proud of. A step above your usual concession stand food. 

He likes to do fun things with the food here. At one point he was trying to put Dodger Dog's in the crust of pizzas. 

The food at Dodger's is evolving. They really expanded their BBQ offerings and Tingley is pretty proud of the brisket they are putting out. 

They have a German style sausage with Shock Top infused into it. 

They introduced some new fry bowls with toppings that are kid friendly. You can get a carne asada fry bowl or a buffalo chicken fry bowl in mini Dodger hats! 

The Dodger's are lucky to have a guy like Tingley watching out for their stomachs. 

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