Thursday, May 5, 2016

Chang'an Restaurant is not Your Average Chinese Restaurant

San Gabriel is not a spot many people think as of special (sorry people who live in San Gabriel) it does however have a not so hidden secret. 

Chinese tourists have fallen in love with this small suburban city. 

A insane amount of tourism from China routes through San Gabriel these days. 

So much so that the Hilton there is booked as far as Hilton allows,and a larger luxury hotel is being built next to it.

So with all this Chinese money something had to come up to accommodate all the young wealthy tourists coming from China...enter Chang'an 

Yes I am not Chinese or a tourist. But Chang'an offers some great dishes you wont find at your typical dumpling house. 

I would go back just for their Black Cod dish alone. Yes there are tiny bones  but careful chewing takes care of that. The silky texture and rich flavor made this one of the best fish dishes I have had this year. 

The cumin lamb shoulder skewers here are crazy tender and flavorful. Best lamb skewer I have ever had? Pretty much.

The spot is a little hidden. Its the third floor of the strip mall. Go hungry.

227 W. Valley Blvd., San Gabriel 
Black Cod

Cumin lamb shoulder 

Short rib with greens 

Sweet and sour ribs 

Seared scallop 

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