Friday, March 25, 2016

How a Chickpea May Change Veganism.

From the looks of it you won’t notice anything out of place.

It’s white (or speckled red) and if you weren’t told there was something special about it most likely you wouldn’t even notice.

Sir Kensington’s has developed a new type of mayo.

Using the egg white like properties of the water left over from soaking/cooking chickepeas, Kensington has made a vegan mayo that you most likely wouldn’t even notice is different.

They call it Fabanaise.

It comes in chipotle and regular. For now it has to be refrigerated and will probably be introduced wholesale before the public gets to buy it.

Calorie wise it’s pretty close to the normal stuff…but if it was calorie free we might have riots in the streets.

Expect to see it Summer 2016

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