Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You Need to go Check Out Bareburger Santa Monica

Bareburger is red hot where it was founded. Actually if you check the online reviews Bareburger is doing very well most places. They just opened in Santa Monica. It's a little slow (which may be due to the fact they haven't gotten their liquor licence yet) which makes it a perfect time to get there before the crowds discover it.

Bareburger makes a big point of its meats being organic. They strive for "bareness" (may have just made that up) and you will see them using natural products as much as possible. When you order a strawberry lemonade the lemons are squeezed and the strawberries are muddled.

The burgers here are fun. You can design your own with everything from manchego to duck bacon (say yes to duck bacon!) but there are good preset burgers. The extra touches like Bareburger smoking a brisket to make their brisket topped burger just sets them a little apart from their competition.

I suggest trying the duck bacon, brisket, and the handmade milk shakes but Bareburger's tight menu doesn't seem to have any real flaws (besides the grain bowls they are planning on adding it seems unnatural.) So just have fun and make a burger to call your own. Maybe a duck burger with brisket! Or not.

                                               2732 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Brisket burger 
Duck burger 

Duck bacon and wild boar burger 

Boneless wings in their secret spice and hot sauce blend 

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