Thursday, February 4, 2016

Neal Fraser Tricked Me Into Eating McDonald's.

Ok it's not as simple as the title stats. Yesterday I went to a dinner hosted by Top Chef Masters Chef Neal Fraser with around 40 "foodies" (really a random assortment of people.)

At the first look at the menu my table thought this could be a part of Master Chef Jr because the dishes were fairly simple. I have enjoyed Fraser's dishes on a few occasions and for him these were simplistic.

After Fraser stated that the ingredients may surprise us it boiled down to who provided them. My first thought was this was a promo for Wal Mart and their expanded Supercenter's grocery sections.

Neal worked with what he was provided but some things were a little hard to miss. The frozen potatoes (McDonald's fry hash) in one dish was painfully obvious.

At the end of the meal a rep for McDonald's was happy to tell the "shocked" diners they had just eaten McDonald's! OK the stuff they use to make McDonald's. OK the best stuff from their premium end products used in ways that would never happen at McDonald's.

I actually felt bad for the company at this point. Here's a rep for McDonald's basically trying to get us the food community of Los Angeles to say that what we were eating was food. Real food (yes this was a major point believe it or not.)

I know Neal was worried someone might try to kill him for this but at the end of the day I have a great story for parties. And the meatballs weren't bad.

Avocado soup 


coffee pudding 

Bacon salad. 

Neal Fraser 

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