Tuesday, January 5, 2016

LA's Most Hidden Restaurant: Maré

When you think of celebrity Chef Eric Greenspan, you think grilled cheese. You think decadence. So you may be surprised that for his newest endeavor he's looking at European inspired seafood plates.

Yes Maré  Restaurant may be the best thing on Melrose. Hidden behind a wooden door in the kitchen of another of his restaurants (Greenspan's Grilled Cheese) is the tiny, patio only Maré.

Maré makes Melrose sexy. It takes you away from LA and makes you feel like you at are a intimate European cafe.  As usual I care only about the food. Deft make the plates at  Maré make the ingredients shine through. Almost everything is seafood based.

The signature thing as of now here is a shellfish dish where you pick your protein and sauce and you mix it with noodles. I highly suggest the clams in white wine.

But dont stop at the pasta bowls. You need to come with a group to share plates. The whole branzino is prepared perfectly with a crispy skin and delicate flaky meat. The risotto literally made someone shout out loud when they tasted it due to the amount of crab meat it contained.

The only thing that I didn't connect with at Maré were the desserts. That is besides the delicious butter rosemary cookies. Pretty sure they are 90 percent butter and sugar but totally worth it.

I can safely say Maré is the best restaurant hidden in another restaurant in Los Angeles.

                                                Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046

salted whole baby potatoes in a garlic sauce 

cod fritters 

Uni and crab risotto 

Skirt steak 

rosemary cookies 

whole branzino with a pomegranate and fig glaze 

clams in a white wine sauce 

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