Friday, January 1, 2016

Bobo Venice is Venice's Hidden Pasta Spot.

Bobo Venice  is tucked into an alley off the Venice boardwalk. Moments away from marijuana medical card referrals and street vendors is this small classy restaurant. Formally Piccolo the space has been updated but still has the same head chef at hand  Bobo Ivan (hence the name.) 

At Bobo you should try trusting the Chef. Bobo has been making pasta for a long time. The tasting menu "in Bobo we trust" should let you sample several of the dishes here...and you do want to try as many pastas as possible. 

Oh those pastas. Spaghetti, agnolotti, ravioli. There are only a few places in LA that can compete with these pastas.  Agnolotti are actually a type of ravioli from a specific region of Italy. The beef and kale agnolotti were actually my favorite dish at Bobo. A little bit and chew, and went really well with the cheese sauce it was served with. 

Parking is annoying. You can find some free spots looking at the neighboring streets around the back of the restaurant.

                                                       5 Dudley Ave Venice, CA 90291

Wild Boar Ragu pasta
 spaghetti bolognese

Fresh calamari, grilled swiss chard

Roasted eggplant ravioli

vanilla porcini sauced pork

                                          Grilled Ricotta , Asparagus Vincotto Drizzle

Beef and kale agnolotti

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