Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Broad's Restaurant Otium Opens for Dinner Friday

It would be hard to stand out next to a multi million dollar museum. Otium  manages. The new restaurant from Chef Tim Hollingsworth (of French Laundry and Barrels and Ashes fame) is set in a grove of 100 year old olive trees, with massive windows showcasing the modern interior. Inside the kitchen blends into the dining room with the wood fired oven as a centerpiece.  At Otium you can expect a modern American menu. There's three day marinated lamb leg. Pumpkin soup with torched maple butter. Gyro pizzas. Along with food they have a promising bar program which focuses on the ingredients themselves moreso than overall names.  Parking may be a little hard but they do have valet, and there's a red line station not too far of a walk away.  If you do go make sure to try the lamb.

                                             222 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Peruvian style scallops 

Three day marinated/roasted lamb leg 

Gyro pizza 


Meat aging room 

Vanilla ice cream, grapefruit granita soda 

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