Monday, December 21, 2015

Los Angeles Gets its First Automated Restaurant.

Eatsa  may be fast foods future. Have you seen McDonald's new build your own burger touchscreens? Eatsa takes that concept to a whole new level.

Found in the hot new Village at Westfield Topanga Eatsa is the companies second location with the first being in San Francisco.  It's CEO  Tim Young comes from the tech world and it shows everywhere at Eatsa.

Eventually Eatsa plans to have one employee there as a " concierge" to help customers along and make sure the store is running smoothly.  Besides that everything on the customer side of the restaurant is automated.

You order on a touchscreen. You wait for your order and can follow your order's progress on a LCD. Your order itself comes from a wall of screens found at the front of the restaurant. Think TV's without backs. Doubletap the screen that says it has your order and you are ready to eat! Or take it to your car or whatever.

Eatsa's menu is basically bowls. All bowls are  $6.95. All of the bowls are made with custom quinoa blends. Everything at Eatsa is vegetarian/vegan.

I was very skeptical of the entire process. But I was pleasantly surprised. The portobello mushrooms they marinate as a meat replacement were tasty and the chimichurri sauce I had was on point.  I am hoping they expand their base options to rice and potatoes in the future.

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                              6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91367

Eatsa's most popular bowl the burrito bowl 

Ordering kiosk 

This wall shows who is waiting and is where the orders are released

Your name shows on the screen when your order is ready 

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