Friday, December 11, 2015

Culver City's Best KBBQ Place Opens for Lunch

Culver City has a new lunch option. Food Network Chef Chris Oh's Hanjip now has a small selection of dedicated lunch options. You are welcome to order the full menu though.

The new lunch menu is composed of 6 bowl options and may expand later. Nothing is over 15 dollars and the portion size is pretty decent for most of the dishes (you do need to like rice.)

My favorite dish from the new lunch menu would surprisingly be the spicy ground pork bowl. Usually I dont like the texture of ground pork and find that most places prepare it so its dry. That's not an issue here. I found adding some pickled red onions to it just gave it a great kick.

The Westside lacks competition for Hanjip but it feels like Chris Oh is challenging himself to be one of the best spots in LA for KBBQ if it isn't already.

                                                     3829 Main St Culver City, California

banchans (side dishes)

Spicy tofu soup 

Spicy ground pork bowl 


Katsu fried chicken with a curry gravy 

Pickled red onions are my favorite banchan here 


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