Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Church Key Opens for Lunch

The Church Key is one of the nicest spaces in West Hollywood. Now you can catch lunch weekdays (sadly there are no cheesy pig-ear Cheetos.) Yes The Church Key has debuted several new dishes exclusively for their lunch service. There's two burgers (including a vegan option), a rice bowl, and West Hollywood's best donuts. My vegan friend said the pea falafel burger was a delicious change from the usual gardenburger variety patties a lot of restaurants have. My favorite exclusive to the lunch menu would have to be the Mary's confited chicken with a beet infused Au Jus (the juices of the chicken thickened into a sauce.) And don't forget the famous brown butter donuts before you leave. Three to an order and served hot, there's not many other contenders in California that can stand up to these in a taste test. 

8730 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Vegan burger 
double cheeseburger 

Roasted chicken with potatoes 

steak rice bowl 

ham and cheese sandwich with tomato soup 

brown butter donuts 

tapioca coated fried fish tacos 

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