Thursday, October 1, 2015

Clifton's Cafeteria Opens Today!

LA's oldest cafeteria opens to the public today! The crowds are sure to be massive so allow us to give you some insight on whats going on in DTLA's massive 5 story hottest restaurant. First off only two stories are currently open. You have the cafeteria floor and a bar seating area on the second floor. So if you are going to see the Tiki bar or any other concept..those are opening later. Chef Jason Fullilove has taken Clifton's classic recipes and tweaked them for the reopening. Yes there's tons of jello. 
The cafeteria itself is a little more upscale Vegas buffet than what they were doing during the depression. The mac and cheese is served in a little frying pan. The pizzas are topped with kale. There are several meat carving stations. My favorite thing in the cafeteria would be the gravy (if you go let me know what you think I thought it was unique.)  Expect lines and crowds at the LA classic for a bit. I wont blame you for waiting do get to brag to your friends if you go before them. 

648 S. Broadway Los Angeles CA 90014


Chocolate coffee cup

Mac and cheese 

Amazing tables 

Roasted carrots 


Giant tree at the center of the floor 

geode tables 

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