Friday, September 11, 2015

Four Bricks Elevates Whittier's Food Scene.

Whittier is not known for much (well besides maybe Quakers) Four Bricks  new to downtown Whittier may change that.  Located in a beautiful old building the restaurant has had a custom build out. The kitchen is helmed by  David Lessin formerly at The Bazaar in Beverly Hills (if you haven't been they do some amazing stuff) so you know someone with talent is in charge before you have even taken a bite. 

I suggest getting a seat close to the kitchen. Sure it's a beautiful space but due to its openness you can watch the chefs perform their magic making refined American dishes. And the stuff they are presenting seems to be going surprisingly well with the Whittier crowd despite pushing the envelope a little. Sure there is a pepperoni flatbread (a really good one) but there's plenty of innovation. 

The mushroom and eggs was a favorite of the table. A mix of roasted mushrooms, bacon, polenta, and a poached egg. It makes you feel like you are eating Breakfast in a upscale British pub. I think the chef must like eggs because one of the signature appetizers at Four Bricks is a deviled egg dusted in olive powder. I don't have any love for cold egg dishes but this dish delivers a lot of rich olive flavor. If you like olives or eggs this is a must try if you are going to Four Bricks.  Don't forget dessert. Death by Chocolate literally got applause heading for a nearby table. And the s'mores are just fun with homemade marshmallow paired with chocolate and puff pastry. 

6512 Greenleaf Ave. Whittier, CA 90601

mushrooms and eggs 
pepperoni flatbread

tuna crudo with strawberries 

coffee encrusted donut with white coffee foam 

Butternut squash ravioli 
Olive dusted deviled eggs 

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