Friday, August 21, 2015

Curtis Stone Sets Sail With Princess Cruises

Cruise ships are better know for buffet lines than gourmet faire. Curtis Stone is looking to change that perception. Starting in 2016 Chef Curtis Stone will be partnering with Princess Cruises on 4 different cruise ships bringing his signature garden infused cuisine aboard.  Dishes are a little safe for Stone but he needs to appeal to a wide base so that is understandable. Dishes that may be on the cruise include a nastrum salad, a butter foam lobster, and a beef cheek pot pie. The dessert courses were my favorite part and if you get the chance to try the burnt vanilla ice cream with hazelnut chocolate clusters do it. 

nasturtium salad 

burnt vanilla ice cream 

black truffle potato gratin 

butter foam lobster 

ricotta spiced fritters 

beef cheek pot pie 

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