Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cocina Condesa Delivers Great Mexican Food Near the Westside

Typically if you were to ask me about Mexican food on the Westside (OK OK almost Westside) I would scoff usually. Recently though Cocina Condesa opened. Its a open air (I suggest not going on crazy hot days) modern Mexican restaurant in Studio City.  They have a pretty tight menu (its one page.) Usually a small menu means that the dishes are well thought out and the ingredients are fresh. Once again I was right with Cocina Condesa.

So yes the menu is mostly tacos. And the tacos are good. Get some tacos! The carnitas was my favorite taco of the night, crispy and flavorful.  I really like that while they have veggie tacos vegetarians can also enjoy a corn and squash blossom crepe (which is actually pretty good.) I would suggest staying for dessert (which is a rarity for me because I usually prefer going to a dessert focused spot after.) If only for mini churros with the caramel dipping sauce . Fun to share as a group dessert...or eat them all and have no regrets about it.

                                           11616 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604


churros with caramel dipping sauce 

corn crepes 

carnitas taco 

Roasted street corn 
Queso chile dip

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