Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Rarest of Burgers: Working Class Kitchen Long Beach

Long Beach isn't just known as that city with the shitty beaches anymore. With various nightlife and restaurants sprouting up there's quite a few reasons to go to the LBC. One of the best reasons to go to Long Beach would be the Michael's Restaurant Group basically killing any restaurant concept they do. Their newest is  Working Class Kitchen. So what makes this order at the counter market special? Well first it gets the rare Chianina beef that isn't the select steak cuts Michael's uses. What is Chianina beef?  Its a very old breed of cow that produces a lean delicious beef. Its craved in foodie circles.
People have seen the picture of the burger here and they think it's 20 something dollars after learning its Chianina beef telling them it's under 10 blows their minds. Honestly I don't know why this burger is not on more people's radar.  But then again there is plenty of other stuff to see here. The blue corn corn dog is one of the most unusual corn dogs I have ever had and has a nutty taste from the corn combined with the flavors of the andouille sausage.  But seriously try a burger. Maybe get a sandwich. Ask why they bother having a salad on the menu.

the burger 


blue corn dog 

Pulled pork fries with cheese 

                                             1322 Coronado Ave Long Beach, CA 90804

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