Tuesday, July 28, 2015

California Pizza Kitchen Gives a Fresh Look and a New Menu

CPK has been around for a while. Since it was founded in the mid 80's California Pizza Kitchen has been serving its signature BBQ chicken pizzas, salads, and drinks across the country and internationally. But what Americans like dining wise has changed since the 80's. CPK has made major overhauls of some of their locations losing carpet for tile, opening their floorspace and giving the overall space a modern rustic look with a lot of wood colors. The new look and menu seems to be working with customers. At the Rancho Cucamonga location they have been seeing healthy sale growth.
Yes you can still get the BBQ chicken pizza (and I am pretty sure that will never change) but California Pizza Kitchen has added a lot of new items to its offerings. You can get a pretty piece of fish with grilled asparagus. Theres a new flatbread with chilled lobster. Even a ribeye steak (actually the only thing I wasn't a fan of) and while the dishes are crowd pleasers the desserts were another level. CPK has three desserts that could beat some independent bakeries. A s'mores dessert, a strawberry ice cream biscuit, and a cheesecake yellow cake dessert. All better than what I expect from a massive chain. Have you been to a updated CPK? Let us know your thoughts!

Smores dessert 

Strawberry ice cream biscuit 

ribeye steak 

lobster flatbread 

garlic chicken 

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