Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Look Out Danger Dogs: Late Night Munchies Mecca Smokes Poutine Opens in Hollywood

Smokes Poutinerie Hollywood is bringing the icon dish of Poutine to its southern neighbor. What is poutine? Done right its cheese curds (this is the part that goes wrong most of the time) gravy, and fries. You can add additional things to this essential trifecta. This is Smokes second US location with the first being in Berkeley. Its steps away from Amoeba Music, and Arclight Hollywood.  Parking isn't great but as its in the heart of Hollywood that is expected. But should you eat there? Smokes gets its essentials down right. The fries are crispy and brown. The gravy makes everything else go down smoother. The cheese curds have a great flavor. There are a lot of poutine options to go with (beef, pork,veggie, chicken) but personally I wouldn't go for the beef. I feel the other options are better.  Personally I liked the pulled pork, the chicken peppercorn, and the original Poutine. Smokes wants to be your late night munchie spot when you are in Hollywood. Will it replace street hot dogs in your late night/clubbing/movie going nights in Hollywood? Let us know. 

1552 N Cahuenga Blvd West Hollywood, California

Chicken Peppercorn Poutine

pulled pork 



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