Thursday, June 18, 2015

Killer Cafe Gives LA a New 24 Dining Option.

Marina Del Rey has a local's dining secret  Killer Cafe. The newest, youngest member of the  Killer family (Shrimp and Hamburger Hamlet)  Killer Cafe is a rare 24/7 restaurant. But why is this a local's secret? Being next to a usually packed Killer Shrimp location you can get Killer Shrimp's core menu items at Killer Cafe (usually without much of a wait.) While the eats at Killer Shrimp are great (check it out in a previous post) Killer Cafe has charms of its own. There's a great patio view of the boat marina which you can enjoy while eating whatever you feel like (because it is 24 hours.)  
You may think the menu here can be weak because hey its 24 hours and the only real competition around is Denny's and an occasional Ihop.  But besides getting the famous dishes of Killer Shrimp Killer Cafe is loaded with comfort food like meatloaf, (mashed potatoes are actually pretty good) mac and cheese balls, and a large breakfast menu served all day. The guys of Killer Shrimp are working hard and putting insane hours into this place so hopefully if you go you will like it a little bit as much as they do. And no that milkshake photo was not photoshopped. 

4213 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Spicy shrimp pot pie 


killer shrimp 

mac and cheese balls.


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