Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mint Leaf Brings Indian Food in Pasadena Up a Notch

Pasadena has had its own mini Indian food renaissance recently with several new Indian restaurants popping up throughout this gateway city to the San Gabriel Valley. The best one though would be Mint Leaf Indian Cuisine. Walking up to the large building this restaurant is in you would think it would be huge. Actually its a intimate restaurant inside with most of the building space not actually used by Mint Leaf.  The food at Mint Leaf is all over the space from India and a little fusion tossed in there. 
So what should you expect from Mint Leaf? Well they have all the usual Indian dishes covered. You can get your naan (chicken stuffed, garlic, plain etc) you can get tandoori roasted meats, and house made curries. Perhaps my favorite dish here is the fusion feta and olive naan. The salty richness of the cheese and the blandness of the bread work really well together and add a nice flavor when you eat it with some dishes. Meat wise you cant go wrong with the tandoori chicken. Its one of the best tandoori meats I have had. Caramelized while retaining a great juicy interior (guessing a yogurt marinade.)  Vegetarian? The potato and spinach curry here made me want to eat more vegetables. The balance between the mild sweetness of the potatoes and the spinach was a winning combo and made great leftovers. I will be back to Mint Leaf for that naan bread. 

 2535 E Washington Blvd, Altadena, CA 91107 

tandoori chicken 

feta olive naan 

fried onion cakes 

tandoori mushrooms 

carrot dessert (halwa)

spinach and potato curry 

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