Friday, May 29, 2015

Burtnzilla Serves Up Food Truck Cuisine on a Bun

What do you get when a BBQ truck and a Hot Dog truck coliade? An accident...most likely a messy one... but in a less literal sense when two food trucks came together recently to make a restaurant it formed Burtnzilla. Burntzilla is investing big on the hopes that sliders are the next big thing food wise. And they may have a point small plates (tapas) have been growing in popularity for a while now. So what is on Burntzilla's menu?  Slider wise you have your choice between gourmet mini links and sandwiches all served on King Hawaiian rolls. Besides sliders there's also salads, and tater tot options.
But what should you try? Funny enough my favorite thing at Burntzilla is a tater tot option. Their carne asada tots come with lime/cilantro aioli, pickled red onion and Mexican cheese.  Why more places don't do aioli like this (even though traditional garlic is good). Really there was no really weak area on the menu overall and you can tell the menu was created by passionate foodies. I suggest going with friends and trying a bunch of stuff (they are small after all.) Make sure to try the fried cheese slider its their most popular item. 

 Walnut Village Center, 14407 - 14493 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92606

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