Friday, May 1, 2015

Belgium Waffle Haus Takes Granada Hills by Storm With Waffles.

Granada Hills is a neglected part of Los Angeles when it comes to LA's thriving foodie scene. Really when was the last time you have heard of anything happening out there? Well a new waffle place may be taking LA by storm soon and its coming from a former Starbucks in a strip mall in sleepy Granada. Owner Alex Kim has taken a small former Starbucks and transformed it to house his new passion project. A gourmet Liege waffle shop. What is a Liege waffle? Its a waffle that uses a special sugar pearl that when heated gives the waffle a fantastic texture and flavor profile.  Kim has tweaked the recipes with his own ideas from what he learned studying under waffle experts in Europe.
So what can you expect to find at this little shop? They don't have a kitchen...or a vent system so besides waffles nothing here is hot. Most of the menu is waffles but they do have a coffee program that shows great promise with Kim wanting to expand. Waffle wise both the savory and sweet waffles are winners. I really enjoyed the goat cheese waffle with balsamic (I would ask if you could get the unsweetened balsamic) its a nice contrast between the pungent strong goat cheese and buttery yeasty waffle. Kim has big expansion plans and just changed the hours for Granada Hill location so they are open late now. Who knows. Soon you may have a Belgium Waffle Haus in your hood.

                                 18100 Chatsworth St. #E Granada Hills, CA 91344 

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