Friday, April 17, 2015

Pie Street Pizza Brings Indian Flavors to Claremont on a Pie

Just when you think everything in the build your own pizza world has been done they surprise you. Welcome to the newest restaurant in Claremont Pie Street Pizza. Located in downtown Claremont Pie Street is a build your own pizza concept that everyone who isn't living under a rock in Los Angeles know about. The twist with Pie Street? Indian flavors. Everything here is  Halāl (made to Islamic dietary law) so you wont find any pork here.... although they do have pepperoni and ham (just made with beef and turkey.) The most interesting thing at Pie Street would be the use of tikka masala sauce (a heavily spiced tomato and cream based sauce common in Indian cuisine. ) My biggest issue with the pizza is I feel its too soft. I think pizza needs that elastic chew to be a great pie. But from their online reviews it seems like a lot of people enjoy the soft crust. I wish they would take it another step further and make it naan pizza but thats just a unfulfilled dream.

                          1 N Indian Hill Blvd Ste D105 Claremont, CA 91711


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