Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dolcenero Gelato Brings the Flavors of Italy to Downtown

Gelato still is a rarity in  Los Angeles. I mean metropolitan wise we are pretty sad even ice cream wise...but again this is about gelato. If you find gelato in the wild in LA the chances its "the good stuff" is pretty rare. Making gelato the right way costs, is time consuming, and its just a process not many people are willing to do in a city where everyone wants to get somewhere quicker.
Dolcenero Gelato is bringing LA's (OK more specifically Santa Monica's) gelato game up a notch. Using ingredients that a elementary school age child could pronounce to make some great flavors. Owner  Simone Acciai makes all the flavors everyday. Hes very proud of the dark chocolate sorbet. Personally I find the limoncello (lemon zest that has had the flavor soaked from alcohol) to be refreshing and a nice change from the usual lemon sorbets you might find at other shops. Dolcenero is planning its grand opening (its soft open right now) so check their Facebook for details.

                                   Santa Monica 2400 Main St A3 Santa Monica, California