Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Veggie Grill's Gets Healthier with New Mindful Living Menu

Ask a vegan about  Veggie Grill and they will most likely tell you they love it. Its convenient, fast, and everything is vegan. But then they may mention that its their version of fast food. Veggie Grill has been moving away from that image. They still have the deep fried vegan chicken and orange chicken cauliflower but with the new Mindful Living menu there's an emphasis on colorful vegetables. Kale, carrots, quinoa all take center stage. My favorite item from the new menu would be the carrot centric curry. But I got to say that the mushroom gravy with the fake chicken is probably my favorite thing at Veggie Grill still. I have a ways to go before I can be considered a good vegan (or any kind of vegan).

                                                  Locations across Southern California 

chargrilled veggie + penne salad 9.95 trio of charred eggplant, red bell peppers and escarole, roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa + marinated kale bed, citrus vinaigrette, pepitas, penne pasta. served cold (menu description)

herb-roasted veggies, supergrains steamed kale, cannellini beans, cilantro/green curry sauce with coconut milk, almonds, hemp seeds herb-roasted veggies (menu description)

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