Monday, January 26, 2015

Santa Ana Bakery Dough Exchange is Giving Away its Baked Goods

Dough Exchange the newest brainchild of The Playground's Chef/owner Jason Quinn.  It offers some offbeat pastries like fruit loop donuts, iron skillet cornbread, and bread sticks (maybe only I find this one odd.) Until (around this date its not set hard) Feb 15th Dough Exchange has most of its bakery available for free. Yes free. They want feedback on their baked goods and you can try two of them and give feedback on a comment card in exchange for delicious free baked goods. Personally I reccomend the spent grain cookie. Its light and nutty. With their coconut jam its a amazing cookie.

                                              220 East 4th Street #102, Santa Ana, CA 92701

fruit loop donuts 

IPA lemon bars 

Cast iron skillet cornbread 

coconut lime donuts 

chocolate tart 

Spent grain cookies 

Blueberry jam bar

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