Monday, January 5, 2015

Pez Cantina Brings Upscale Coastal Mexican Food to DTLA

Pez Cantina  is the new baby of Bret Thompson of MILK ice cream and Patina. Located on Bunker Hill in DTLA its positioning itself  for high end Mexican dining in DTLA's cultural heart (brand museum, Walt Disney Music Hall,  The Music Center.)  Pez is a love letter to Mexico's coastal cuisine.  Yes theres fish tacos but theres also beef  cheeks, lamb queso, and Molcajete (a Mexican stew.)  Yes the fish tacos are very good (I do wish they had some other salsa options because the salsa they use is a little on the bitter side for me.)  But you should be adventitious.  If you haven't tried beef cheek this is a place to give it a shot. The more a muscle is worked the more flavor it acquires. Slow cooking cheek gives you a licious rich piece of meat that melts in your mouth.  My favorite dish here would be the Molcajete. Its a Mexican stew served in a volcanic stone pot. Usually served bubbling to your table. Its filled with meats, cheese, and cactus. And while this rich hearty stew is great at the restaurant the next day its even better (and one of the few times I think flour tortillas work better to eat a dish with.) WHile you eat you should ask a member of the staff to show you around. They have some great things they searched around Mexico for. The fountain in the patio and the fish school chandelier being the highlights.  Oh and they validate parking at their garage so no excuses about how horrible DTLA parking is to not come here. 

Street corn 


Fish taco 

Beef cheek 

lamb chorizo queso  

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