Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Lime Truck Brings California Fusion Restaurant to Irvine: TLT Food Opens in Irvine.

 TLT Food  is the child of Daniel Shemtob, one of the chefs/owners of the Lime Truck an OC based food truck that won Food Network's Great Food Truck Race.  Like the truck TLT brings fun California fusion dishes to locations in Westwood, Irvine, and soon DTLA.  Located inside the Irvine Spectrum TLT offers dishes like tacos, wings, and sliders. Theres a reason Shemtob won on Food Network. TLT's tight menu  has a few options for everyone (yes including vegans.) A few key ingredients like short rib appear throughout the menu without being tiresome. 
Seeing as TLT is a child of the Lime truck you would be stupid to not try one of the two daily limeade flavors they have in every shop (although I was not crazy about the dragonfruit option.)  The lime theme also runs too TLT's one dessert option a lime panna cotta (think sexy milk jello) if you haven't had panna cotta this is a great place to start. Favorite items would be the cilantro chimichurri wings (a nice twist on a Argentinian steak sauce) the short rib quesadilla, (TLT uses a lot of tomatillo which gives the salsas a nice bright flavor ) and obviously the panna cotta. Oh and yes they do have Taco Tuesday. 

71 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618

Lime panna cotta 

Mexican street corn 

Vegan potato taco 

Cilantro chimichurri wings 

Short rib taco 

Short rib quesadilla 

TLT offers two limeade options every day. 

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