Thursday, November 20, 2014

Brick Smokehouse Blows Up LA's BBQ Scene

 Brick Smokehouse  is not what you think of when you think Venice. Its on a quiet street minutes from the hustle of Venice's boardwalk and Santa Monica downtown.  Its a small space thats open for dinner only in a spot that looks like a neighborhood watering hole. Its also producing some of the best BBQ in Los Angeles. 
 Chef Glen Rogers is making definitive California BBQ borrowing elements from various schools of BBQ he likes. Rogers uses a blend of woods for his meats (this is uncommon in BBQ) to smoke and you will find ingredients like blueberries and chipotle in his BBQ sauce.  I am going to say that the BBQ sauce here didn't do much for me. I like a spicy sauce with an aicd kick myself. That being said the BBQ here isn't some chain crap. If you call yourself a BBQ lover you need to try this without any kind of sauce at all and savor the effort that went into cooking the meat.  Cuts I really enjoyed were the ribs, tri tip, and brisket. Their  mac and cheese is the best I have had at a BBQ restaurant in LA. Seriously if they offer a special with cheese sauce, meat and starch jump on it. Hopefully they can expand to lunch service one day soon. 

826 Hampton Dr, Venice, California 

Meat sampler 

 Chef Glen Rogers

Side sampler 

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