Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The 9 on Vine Gives Hollywood a New Casual Italian Bar.

The 9 on Vine is in a small strip mall minutes from the hustle of tourists on Hollywood and Highland. It may not be where you would think to go for American Italian dishes but you would be wrong. With bar dishes like burgers and wings mixing with fritters and pastas Vine does a a lot with its pretty small bar menu. The one dish you should get is the mac and cheese. Its one of the best in  Los Angeles already. With a cream based Parmesan sauce, toasted panko bread crumbs and bits of carrot and herbs its a lighter Italian take on a classic dish. See if you can convince them to put mac and cheese on top of one of their burgers. It would sure to be a top seller for them. 

1253 Vine St  Los Angeles, CA 90038

Coconut rice fritters 

cheese stuffed dumplings 


Mac and cheese 

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