Monday, October 20, 2014

Paul Martin's Fall Menu Lands.

Olive Garden and Red Lobster should be worried. Paul Martin's is a relatively new chain restaurant that could easily fool you into thinking it was a hot new independent restaurant downtown. They have opened their Thousand Oaks and Rancho Cucamonga locations this year along with a few others including Irvine. Paul Martin's new Fall menu is very tight. One page menus make me very happy usually because the chances everything used will be fresh is much higher. Like most cold weather menus this Fall menu at Paul Martins is filled with hearty meats and starches. You can get a great ribeye cooked perfectly with mashed potatoes. Or you could get a Hoisin marinated pork chop (think of hoisin as Chinese BBQ sauce) which has been soaking for 24 hours. From the sampling of the menu I had the only thing I thought didn't hit the mark was the mac and cheese which had too much nutmeg for my liking. If you go make sure to tell me what you thought!

                                                         Locations across Southern California. 
Grilled ribeye with mashed potatoes 

Salt and pepper wild prawns 

Hoisin grilled porkchop 

Nutmeg infused mac and cheese 

Housemade vanilla bean ice cream 

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