Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Farrell's Gets a New Executive Chef and is Getting a New Menu

Zack Holtzclaw is  Farrell's new Executive Chef.  This is Zack's first executive chef position ever. He's worked his way up in Farrell's internally with a background in food science.  Zack has big plans for this ice cream focused chain. As it stands the food has not changed much since Farrell's was brought back from the dead in 2009. While he has no plans to touch the ice cream menu Zack plans to add a lot of fresh more locally driven dishes to get more foodies into Farrell's. Future dishes include his bacon wrapped meatloaf sandwich. A thick sturdy sandwich thats hardy but not spicy so it stays family friendly. With a enthusiastic chef at the helm of Farrell's menu hopefully good things will be coming for Farrell lovers. 

Various locations across L.A. and O.C. 

A prototype of the new meatloaf and bacon sandwich that will be on the menu soon 

Zack Holtzclaw 

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