Monday, October 13, 2014

Eqeko Peruvian Tapas Opens in Downtown Santa Ana

You would not expect Eqeko to be in Santa Ana. While the dining scene in Santa Ana has improved considerably in the past few years (Playground, Little Sparrow) theres been a lack of fresh Latin restaurants that aren't Mexican. With its minimalist decor and its tight tapas style menu Eqeko is bringing some new flavor to the OC dining scene. With Peruvian style tapas theres a lot of citrus and seafood along with a perhaps surprisingly to some  mildly spiced dishes. Prices are very affordable. Theres nothing on the menu over 10 dollars. The beef and raisin empanadas and the mixed fried seafood with yucca (its kinda like a potato) were the favorite dishes of the night. Get some friends share some plates and keep this gem going . 

 309 W 3rd St Santa Ana, CA 92701
The chefs at Eqeko

Chicken slider 

Peruvian tamales 

beef empanadas 

Fried seafood and yucca 

Sweet potato and seafood ceviche 

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